Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home from Surgery

About two weeks ago I was diagnosed with a pilonidal cyst. For those of you who haven't heard of this it is a cyst on the my tailbone. A few weeks ago it flared up and was causing me quite a bit of pain. (For those of you who are curious about this I don't recommend google, the images are gruesome.) Mine was not nearly as inflamed as some others get but the pain was not going away. Ironically this is usually something found in people who are overweight. The pain from mine only became unbearable after my surgery. It is strange that this is now the second time I have suffered from something that theoretically should have gone away after the surgery. I still don't regret the surgery and half of me wonders if perhaps I am just paying more attention to problems that were always there. I had surgery this morning to remove the cyst and I am home and recovering. I have strict orders to avoid sitting unless absolutely necessary for the next two weeks, so I may be updating my blog every ten minutes.

My weight is still stalled, this marks week nine of my stall, however yesterday I noticed that my shorts were quite loose, so hopefully that is a sign that I will start losing again soon. When I met with the nutritionist he mentioned that it is not uncommon to stall at a weight your body was at for quite a while. The size I am now was the size I was at for most of college so that may be the explanation for the stall. It would be nice to see the scale move again though.

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