Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My first post surgery outing.

In a lot of ways the recovery from this cyst surgery has been more difficult than the recovery from the bypass surgery. I think the recovery has been slowed because I am slower to hear now than before. So in all my infinite wisdom I decided to go to Target on my own the other day, the following ensued;

Went to the doc this morning, he insisted on seeing me before giving me a refill of my pain meds to make sure I didn't have an infection. No infection, just a swollen ass.

So I decide to go to target by myself to fill the prescription. He said I could drive whenever I was ready as long as I wasn't taking any narcs.

I'm leaving target and it looks like its about to down pour. So I run as fast as a person with sixty stitches in her ass can run. I'm halfway to the car and the sky opens up. It was like someone was dumping buckets on me. I throw the groceries in the trunk and then have a dilemma.

It is going to take me five minutes to get situated behind the wheel of the car. So I open the back door and dive in the backseat and lay there waiting for the rain to stop. After about three minutes I hear a knock on the window, I look up and see a police officer standing there in the pouring rain. I struggle to get up, I kneel on the floor of the car and open the door for him. He asks me if I am ok, I say yes, I had surgery on my butt and I'm sore. He asks me to repeat myself. Then he says are you sure you don't need any help. I said nope I'm fine just waiting for the rain to stop. He looks confused but walks away. He goes and gets in his car and waits for me to leave the parking lot, then he

When I got home I unloaded the groceries and somehow lost a three pound ham. I have torn the house apart and have no idea where it is.

Oh and the cherry on top, I caught rotovirus from the freaking hospital!! Nine years of working as a nanny, two years as a preschool teacher and I never catch it, I spend half a day in the hospital and whammo.

(The maxi pad is taped to my bum to cushion the stiches, it was the doctor's idea!)

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