Friday, January 30, 2009


I get asked about this a lot so I figured I would put this post up for those that are curious. RNY Gastric Bypass modifies your stomach so you are left with a tiny pouch that will initially hold 2-4 ounces. It also modifies your intestines so that the food that you eat does not travel through your entire intestional tract, so your body does not absorb all the calories that you eat. The side effect of that is that not only can it not absorb all the calories, but it also does not absorb all the nutrients. To prevent vitamin deficiencies I will have to supplement using vitamins for the rest of my life. I current take:

Prilosec (I take this every day to prevent stomach ulcers. Many patients take this daily for 6 months to a year after surgery but some take it longer. Ulcers is one of the most common complications that RNY patients will have.

Calcium Citrate 1,500mg (8 LARGE pills) Citrate is the only type of calcium that can be asborbed by patients that have had RNY gastric bypass, all other forms of calcium require acid in the stomach to be absorbed and we do not have that.

Iron 50mg a day (the amount is so high because I am a female who has not gone through menopause, people who have not had surgery and supplement with this amount may be taking a toxic level of iron).

Vitamin D3 5000IU (dry)

Sublingual B-12 1000mcg (B12 deficiencies are very serious and can call irreversible nuerological problems)

B Complex Vitamin

Biotin (To try and prevent hair loss)

Multi-Vitamin ( I was on a chewable from Bariatric Advantage for the first three months and I am now switching to Centrum Silver. I am taking the Silver forumlation because it does not have Iron. If you take Iron and calcium together they will block the absorption of each other.)

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