Monday, January 19, 2009

What I'm drinking..

Drinking is less of a challenge than it was before, it may be because I have limited my choices or because my pouch is becoming more tolerant.

I drink a lot of Special K protein water tea flavor, V8 Fusion Light Peach Mango flavor, decaf coffee, hot cocoa and hot herbal tea. Between these four drinks I am able to get in all the liquids I need in a day. I have not been able to drink a whole glass of water, but I can now take sips without a problem.

I'm eating all the same foods that I've mentioned in the previous posts, but I have now started eating Special K protein bars. They make a quick and easy snack and something I can easily leave in my car or carry it with me when I'm out and about.

I found myself getting bored with my choices, I've started making up batches of chicken and freezing them in serving sizes. My most recent obsession is with curried chicken.

Now that I have more time I have rediscovered my love of cooking. I think Jeff may be enjoying it as well.

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