Friday, May 8, 2009

Slowly getting better

It seems like things are slowly getting better. I have not had any burning in my pouch in a few days and I have been able to eat more at each meal. I am cautiously optimistic at this point that what the doctor did worked. I'm still eating a pretty bland diet, but at least I can eat which is a huge step forward at this point.

Not much to report on the weight loss front. I think my body went into starvation mode when the eating problems started and I have only lost four pounds in the last month. Hopefully once I can start exercising and taking in the proper amount of calories the scale will start moving in the right direction.

I did have two small non-scale victories this week. When I was at the hospital for my procedure they gave me the normal size gown and it covered me up without a problem. I also go to wear the normal person's blood pressure cuff and not the one that says XL in big bold print on the side. Sometimes there is a lot of joy in the small things.

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