Monday, April 20, 2009

Rave about Tea

A few months ago when my coffee obsession started my husband predicted I would go back to tea before too long. Well I have the other day when I was at the mall I wandered into a store that sold hoity toity tea, the equivalent of a Starbucks for tea. I tried two samples and I was hooked, I never realized there was a difference between fancy tea as my husband calls it and the box tea from the grocery store, but there is and it is truly a treat. If any of you have trouble with liquids like I do and want some more variety I would recommend checking them out. Their website is Right now I particularly enjoy their Rooibos Tropica (tastes orangy and fruity and is scented with Jasmin) and Rooibos Chai (tastes like a chocolate chai). Its not cheap, but for me it has been worth it so far.

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