Friday, April 24, 2009

Still Can't Eat

Today is the worst day I've had with regards to eating since right after the surgery. Everything I try is sitting like a lead weight in my pouch. I am not in any pain, but I'm uncomfortable most of the time, but especially when I eat. I spoke to the nurse at my surgeon's office about this again and she thinks it is time to come in and be seen. I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday and a strong feeling that there is an endoscopy in my future. I keep trying to convince myself that this is all in my head, but today I felt sick after eating half of a hard boiled egg, in the past I could eat two eggs in a sitting with no problem so clearly something is going on.

So as a result of all the problems with eating I have not been able to exercise, I am only taking in about 500-700 calories a day which is not enough to keep my blood sugar from crashing when I exercise. It has also kicked my body into a stall with the weight loss. I am hoping that the surgeon can get to the bottom of this quickly so that I can get back on track.

The nurse did say that if solids were giving me a problem I could just give up on them for now and do a liquid diet this weekend. That sounds great to me and maybe if I give my pouch the weekend off it will like me again.

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