Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have gotten an official diagnosis of hypoglycemia. The good news is that it is not a debilitating condition and can certainly be managed with diet, the bad news is that I have not yet figured out how to manage it all the time. Since I have been aware that this is an issue I have been much more area and have not had blood sugar crashes nearly as often, but it is still happening. I have to be constantly vigilant about my food and make sure that I have food with me whenever I leave the house. I had hoped that this surgery would free me from focusing on food all the time, but now it is required in order to prevent my blood sugar from reaching dangerously low levels. The normal blood sugar range is between 80-120, I have readings that were as low as the 38. In another ironic twist I have been medically advised to carry candy in my purse, I never thought a doctor would be advising me to eat candy.

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