Friday, February 27, 2009

Good News

Its been five days without a blood sugar crash, even yesterday when I got hung up while I was out and wasn't able to eat for four hours. I hope this is a sign that things are beginning to stabilize. I will take the small victories when I can.

I have two more wow moments, they are relatively minor signs that the old and new me are colliding into a me that is happier and more fulfilled than I have felt in years!

Wow moment 1: I've been going to physical therapy to pain in my tailbone and SI joint. In addition to the PT sessions I have been doing 30 minutes of ab exercises at home per day to work on my core muscles and help with the pain. I'm still too flabby to notice any difference on the outside, but when the physical therapist put his hand on my stomach to make sure I was using the right muscles he said there was a lot more definition to the muscles. I reached my hand down and for the first time in my entire I can feel my stomach muscles. It gave me encouragement to keep doing these exercises no matter how much I detest them.

Wow moment 2: Yesterday I decided to go buy myself some new shoes to match a brown dress I was wearing. My feet have shrunk a bit and I my old ones didn't fit. I must have had a momentary lapse of sanity and bought a pair of red stilettos and brown shoes with four inch heels. The only thing more insane than the fact that I bought them, is that I spent ten hours yesterday walking around in four inch heels and though my feet are sore, I did not look like a oompa loompa lumbering around on stilts.

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