Monday, December 29, 2008

Meet My Feet

They have been a mystery to me for such a long time.. You will notice that scale shows my weight at 290lbs which brings my total eight loss to seventy pounds! I am still stalled and have not lost anything in two weeks, but I'm sticking to the plan and hope it works.

So why a post about my feet? For months before the surgery my feet would swell, and they would look like I had some type of medical condition or really fat feet. To cope, I got pedicures, I stretched my shoes, limited what I would wear and chose flip flops whenever I could. The swelling I once had is now completely gone and I have back what I think are my cute little feet. The only bad news is that now none of my shoes fit properly and I'm pretty much forced to wear flip flops or buy new shoes. (Not that I mind the flip flops :-))

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