Saturday, December 27, 2008

Surgery Side Effects

Tailbone Pain

I did not know this before the surgery but a common complication is pain in the tailbone. Apparently you are losing weight so rapidly that your body just cannot keep up and compensate for the weightloss. My muscles don't support my spine the way they use to and I have a lot less padding (well less maybe not a lot less :-)) and so my tailbone hurts constantly. It is not just a nagging ache either, the pain can be quite bad at times. It is worse because it is not really an area you can rest unless I want to spend all day lying on my stomach. I have to go in next week for an x-ray to rule out any other problems and if everything is fine they will talk about treatment options. They involve cortisone injections, core muscle exercises and if the pain is really intense an epidural in your spine to block the nerves while the muscles catch up. Sounds worse than it is and while I am not exaclty comfortable now, if this is the worse that happens I will still be thrilled with the surgery. Honestly, even if I knew about this before hand it would not have changed my mind.

Hair Loss

I have worried a lot about losing my hair. It is always something I liked and didn't want it to drastically change. At this point if it happens it happens, but im hoping it does not. I have noticed I am losing a bit more hair than usual so I'm taking pictures so I can compare later.

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