Monday, December 8, 2008

What am I eating..

This might be boring for some of you, but I'm trying to make this blog something I can show to other's who have had or are considering the surgery and so I can look back and remember. So at almost six weeks out, I can eat:

Cheese--any kind of cheese, it is a staple that I practically live on. I love mozzarella cheese and we are going through a ridiculous amount of cheese stick in that house. I can also have ricotta, cottage cheese, cheddar, Havarti dill (my favorite) and pretty much any kind of cheese I want. I haven't had cream cheese yet, but mainly because I like it on a cracker and I am trying to keep my carbs low.

Bread--Many people have problems with bread after WLS. I have only had bread twice since the surgery but I haven't had any problems with it. I am not making it a habit or consuming large quantities, but it is nice to know that it is not something I can never have again.

Lunch Meat--Lunch meat was never a favorite of mine, but I like it more after my surgery, I have it about two or three times a week. I occasionally have it with a cracker but usually just dip it in mustard.

Seafood--I love all kinds of seafood and always have. It was the easiest thing for me to digest in the beginning and I still love it. I've been enjoying shrimp, scallops and lobster. I've rediscovered my love of Tuna. I used to eat this all the time and then went several years without having it.

Meat--I have had chicken and turkey with no problems. I tried a hamburger and it didn't sit well so it will probably be another few weeks until I am brave enough to try beef again.

Nuts--I waited a while to try these, but they are such an easy thing to eat that I finally broke down and had some almonds today. The jury is still out on whether they agreed with me or not.

Desserts--Not much in the way of dessert, but I have been making pudding. This counts as high protein because I make it with milk. I also found some sugar free cookies yesterday which are just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Eggs--I've never been a big egg fan but i'm practically living on them now. I have a mini frozen quiche or an omelet at least three times a week.

Fruits--I haven't tried too many fruits yet, mainly because I am afraid of the high sugar content. I have had grapes and banana's with no problem. I have really been wanted watermelon and I think that will be the next new thing that I try.

Drinks--I am still drinking mainly tea, I got sick of herbal tea and finally switched to regular tea. I am mixing it with mashed up oranges and for now I am enjoying it. I can drink that and V8. I still have a hard time with water and I can't drink anything with fake flavoring. I still enjoy my nightly hot cocoa with milk for extra protein and do just fine with regular milk as long as I take a lactaid first.

2,500 mg of calcium citrate (10 pills a day)
36mg of Iron (two pills a day)
2 B-50 Complex pills
1 Biotin Pill
1 Tender D3 pill
Sublingual B-12
2 multi-vitamins

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