Wednesday, March 11, 2009

60 day Challenge: Day 59

So today I woke up and tried to do an interval walking program on the treadmill. I only lasted 15 minutes, but I'm going to try tomorrow with a smaller incline and a little slower. I drank milk before that workout and felt fine.

Then I went to physical therapy about an hour and a half later, I didn't know they were going to put me on the stationary bike and after 12 minutes on that I passed out. Once I came to and drank some milk, I did about thirty minutes of abdominal exercises.

Tonight I walked two and a half miles with a friend. I might have overdone it a bit today but I have a feeling I'll sleep good tonight. it will be a little tricky figuring out what to do about the hypoglycemia, but I drank milk before my walk tonight and carried some almonds and jolly ranchers with me, I didn't need them though. My solution right now is to make sure I have milk in the house and to drink 8oz right before I work out.

What I ate today:

3/4 of a single serving container of Dannon fruit on the bottom low fat yogurt with three teaspoons of flax seed

1 snack size 2% milkfat cottage cheese

2 colby jack cheese snacks and 8 wheat thins

3 oz of chicken, three bites of a baked sweet potato and two peices of zucchini

1/2 a cup of banana pudding with vanilla protein powder and one cut up banana

18 almonds

24oz of milk

48oz of other beverages


  1. What is flax seed and what does it taste like?

  2. I'm not exactly sure what flax seed is, it adds protein to the yogurt and it has some healthy fat in it which really helps with my dry skin. When I mix it into the yogurt I don't taste it, it changes the texture but with the fruit on the bottom yogurt it doesn't bother me.