Saturday, November 8, 2008

Coming Home (Originally written on Nov. 2nd)

The next morning the nurse came in and said that the surgeon had indicated my catheter could be removed. I felt like a real human when that came out. I was even allowed to take a sponge bath. I got cleaned up the best I could with a washcloth and bucket, put on my own pj's and went for a walk around the halls. I noticed the nurses never came in after that to ask me to walk. I don't' know if it was because they were just keeping notes of how many times I went on my own, or if the surgeons orders were that I only had to do it twice. The walking made me feel much better, but I was usually tired when it was over and went back to sleep. The nurse then came in and said the cardiac monitor and the pulse ox could be disconnected and all I would have to have was the IV.After they removed those they came in about every four hours to check my vitals. I was taking my pain medicine in a pill, but was still getting Zofran through the IV. They brought me Carnation Instant Breakfast, broth, bottled water, watered down soup and a popsicle for breakfast. After no water for more than 24 hours I wanted to guzzle the whole bottle but I restrained myself.I was keeping down all my liquids, walking and all my vitals were stable so the doctor said I could go home on Saturday morning. They let me walk out of the hospital and I have been up on the treadmill twice since I got home. So far so good. I get tired easily, today I have walked on the treadmill and taken a shower and I think it might be time for a nap.

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