Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Food and Hunger

One of the benefits of this surgery is that most people never feel hungry again. I can honestly say I'm not hungry, even though I am existing on about 300 calories a day I do not feel hunger. I am occasionally thirsty. That being said, I am more focused on food now than I have ever been, I believe it is because I can't have it. The doctor's have assured me that once I can eat again the fixation with food will go away. Right now I'm watching the food network, when a tv show has food in it I focus in on what others are eating and long for the day when I can eat food again.

I have started a grocery list and looked for recipes that I can eat after surgery.

The therapists call this head hunger, and now that I can no longer feel physical hunger, I realize how much was truly in my head. This will be my cross to bear and the thing that I must work the hardest on to make sure that this surgery is successful.

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