Saturday, November 8, 2008

Morning of Surgery

I woke up and got in the shower and my Husband paced the house like a caged animal. He checked and re-checked the bags I had packed, the phone list, etc. I felt calm and at peace, but nervous. We got to Durham Regional Hospital and were given a room in the Ambulatory Care Unit. We checked in at 10am and my surgery was supposed to be at noon. They took me back to OR prep at 12:45. The waiting was making me nervous and on top of that the hospitals pager system was broken and I heard three Code Blues while waiting to go back. When they wheeled me away my mom and Husband started crying. I was really glad they had each other there for support. It would have made it much harder if my Husband was going to be out there by himself.

RETRACTION: Jeff and my mother have informed me that they were not crying and have requested a correction of this blog. I will say that that is how I remember it. :-)

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