Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Recovery Room

I have had two bad moments during this surgery and this was the first one. They brought me out of anesthesia really slow because in the past I have had a history of anesthesia induced combativeness. I woke up and was more nauseous than I had ever been in my whole life. The nurse kept rubbing her chest with her knuckles and shouting my name to get me to wake up and I was saying no I'm gonna puke.They hit me with everything they could for nausea. My bladder also did not wake up right away and they had to give me some drug to stimulate my kidneys. I remember laying there in pain, all alone and crying over and over that this was a mistake.When they wheeled me to my room it was awful. They took me into the elevator and down the hall and all the bouncing made me feel like I was going to die. My Husband and mom and two friends from OH saw me for the first time and I was laying in the bed crying saying this was a mistake. I think it was the first time my Husband was truly freaked out. To be honest I was really scared as well. I think right at that moment is when the Fentyl kicked in and I started to feel better, after about an hour the nausea started to subside. My memory is spotty but I remember a nurse asking how I was doing and I said I would be better if you would get some of this shit off of me. She also told me that I would feel better when I walked and I replied that I wanted to walk then. At 9:30pm they got me up and I walked the halls. I felt so much better.

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